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Frequently asked questions continued:

Question 3. Explain some of these key Notary business problems addressed by your service?

Answer: There are hundreds maybe thousands of notaries providing same or similar service in any given metropolitan region. We provide you with exclusive coverage in the cities and counties of your service, and choice. There will be exclusive, special, hand crafted listing provided for each notary public listed as the primary notary public in the cities and counties you serve, and the ones you choose to get listed in our notary database.

Secondly, we make it easy for your clients to find you by providing search engine based ranked listings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and many of their partner networks. This practically eliminates your needs and cost towards advertising your business individually across all online sources.

Thirdly, we eliminate all the infrastructure and technological logistics, and setups away from you so you can focus more on your core competencies, and notary business finding new clients, and servicing existing clients. This, we believe, will help grow your business.

Specifically, we help you stand out from the crowd of other service providers in your area/region so you can grow your business without having to deal with all the technicalities surrounding it.

Question 4. Can you elaborate more on infrastructure, and technological setups mentioned above?

Answer: Sure. We start of providing an internet web site listing for your business. We provide ongoing hosting, and maintenance of this web site. Our research engineers work tirelessly on search engine technology to get you listed within their individual top 10 search results when your customers/prospects try to find you online on the internet.

In essence, listing with us eliminates need to setup your own web site, and ongoing web site maintenance. It virtually eliminates the need for you to advertise online.

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